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Grant writing

Let's talk about how we can improve your chances of winning funds during your free discovery call.

Grant Writing

You should up your grant game. Really.

Grants do so much more than increase your budget – they also boost your reputation and credibility...which helps you win more grants down the line.

Who doesn't want non-dilutive funding (also known as free money!) to grow their business? Improve your chances of actually winning one of those elusive grants and hire a professional grant writer with an exceptionally high success rate.

While you can certainly try it yourself... will probably cost you way more time and effort than you expect. Preparing a quality funding application is time-consuming, and the world of grant seeking is fast-paced and fiercely competitive. Without knowing the tricks of the trade, you may end up wasting a lot of time writing unsuccessful applications. Or, you miss out on great funding opportunities entirely, because you didn't even know they existed!  

How I can help you secure grant funding

– Proposal Writing Service

Save yourself the time & maximize your chances of success by having me write your grant application from start to finish.

– Proposal Review Service

On a budget? I offer advice to strengthen your draft proposal and make edits.

– BONUS SERVICE: Grant Funding Search

Once we have worked on a grant together, I keep an eye out for future funding opportunities for your business.

Who I work with

I specialize in Research and Development (R&D) and innovation grants for cleantech companies, but I've had the pleasure to work with impactful businesses from a variety of industries–ranging from forestry and consumer products to construction.

In the last 3 years, I've secured $23.5+ million in non-dilutive funding. Below is a selection of grants I helped my clients win:

Cleantech - Sustainable extraction of lithium
Cleantech – Carbon Capture & Utilization Tech
City of Maple Ridge in BC
Applied Earth Science Consultant
Microbial Solutions for Mining
Seafood Business Accelerator
Cleantech – Permanent Carbon Capture
Cleantech – Carbon conversion technology
New Media – Positive News Platform
Consumer products - Protective wraps for mountain bikes
Cleantech - Sustainable extraction of platinum
AI-powered direct sales software
Beverage Industry - Nutritional drinks
Consumer Products - Cedar saunas

Sean Gorman
Manager, ESG & Analytics at Summit Nanotech

"Noortje is wonderful to work with. Despite the highly technical and specialized nature of our applications, she always takes the time to understand what is needed and communicates it eloquently and effectively. I would recommend Noortje to anyone considering applying for a grant - she will greatly increase the chance of a successful application and is incredibly easy to work with."

sean G.jpeg

Amanda Hall
CEO and Founder of
Summit Nanotech

"Grant writing is challenging but Noortje is like a breath of fresh air. She swoops in and rallies the team; getting us to focus our efforts on being purposeful and concise with our answers and explanations. Noortje makes grant writing faster, higher quality and so much easier!"


Cooper Quinn
CEO of CO2Lock

"I'd give Noortje more stars, but I'm concerned too many other people will try and hire her, and she'll get too busy!"


Ryan Bourns
Business Strategy Development Manager of Carbon Upcycling

"Noortje has been a fantastic addition to our Grants team! Since bringing Noortje on board, we have enjoyed our most successful run of grant applications. She continues to bring much-needed organization and effective communication in very technical areas. Noortje has brought our grants work to another level and we've been happy with our decision to work with her since day one."


How I work

Discovery Call

This is where you'll tell me as much as you can about your business and the project you have in mind. We'll review the grant's eligibility criteria together.

Data Gathering

As we're going through the application, I'll ask you lots of questions to ensure I get all the information I need to get started

The Writing Stage

Now it's time for me to start writing! I usually ask for some additional clarifications/explanations at this point in the process, so it is important to respond in a timely manner. 


There will be some back and forth to make sure that the final proposal is as strong as it can be. Once you're happy with it, I will submit the proposal for you.

...and now we wait!

Funding success depends on many factors, but you can rest assured that you just submitted a killer proposal!

Reach out today to see how your business can win funds.

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