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Haltwhistle Cheese

Haltwhistle Cheese Homepage

The Client: Haltwhistle Cheese

Deliverables: Home page + about page + cheese descriptions

Business Objective: The owners wanted their website to be informative rather than focused on sales, as customers cannot buy their cheese from the website or at the farm. They wanted the copy to show what goes into making these artisinal, raw milk cheeses, and to enticingly describe the different kinds of cheese they had.

Brand: High-end, Artisan


Tone: Friendly, Informative


My Strategy: To emphasize that all their cheeses are made by hand, I leaned into the fact that they use European farmstead recipes (which involve raw milk and a natural aging process). I also added a section on the many variables involved in cheesemaking to show how much work and expertise is required to make artisanal cheese. 

Designer: Jenny McCleery, Jigsaw Design

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